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About the Republican Party in Delaware

To promote the values of freedom, liberty and opportunity in the communities of Delaware.

Delaware, as the first state to ratify our Constitution, established the bed rock American principles of individual freedom, the right of free expression and that any government shall treat equally every citizen regardless of race, color of skin or religious beliefs.

The Delaware Republican Party stands united with our forefathers. Today, our party is dedicated to continuing to make Delaware the very best place: to live, to work and to raise a family. To achieve these goals our candidates are committed to less government; fiscal responsibility; protection of individual rights and freedom from unnecessary government interference.

Do you believe in these basic principles? Then, get involved and join us. Together we can make Delaware a better place not just for today but for future generations.


Upcoming GOP events in Delaware

Constitutional Republicans Inaugural

7:00PM Newark, Delaware 19702

Come find out what we who love Delaware and the US must accomplish to prevent the spread of Marxist....


Delaware Habitat for Humanity Build

7:45PM Wilmington, Delaware 19802

Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County & the Delaware Republican Party plan and organize...


2020 Election Beach Kickoff event

6:00PM Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971

Will you join us as we begin to turn the page of Delaware Politics with an evening of Food, Drink....

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