Former Dem Rep, John Atkins, channels Bill Clinton

About a decade ago, State Representative John Atkins was kicked out of the Republican Party for egregious personal behavior. So, of course, he switched to be a Democrat. He proceeded to continue his horrible, and in some cases, allegedly criminal behavior, including:

  • Allegedly asking a babysitter to lie
  • Being involved in a physical altercation
  • Being accused of burning tires illegally
  • Allegedly driving under the influence
  • etc.

Now the former Representative, who was being actively courted by Democrats to run for his old seat, was allegedly involved in a fight with his current girlfriend. The news report can be found here.

This is the true “War on Women” which was originally personified by Democratic President Bill Clinton — who has been accused of sexually assaulting numerous women and lied under oath about sexual liaisons with a White House intern. One difference between the two… John Atkins wife did not “stand by her man”. She exhibited the guts to stand up for herself. She is in our thoughts because she did not ask for this kind of publicity for her family.

Mrs. Clinton chose to protect her husband for political purposes… Shame on her for allowing the real “War on Women” to continue. Details of Bill Clinton’s history can be found here.


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